Seanook from the boat launch at the head of Linekin Bay

Seanook Rental Rates

All rates shown below are our LOWEST prices for payment only by cash, check.  To pay by any other method, please inquire for our regular seasonal rates and let us know what method you prefer to use.  Children count as “people” for both rates and occupancy.

Seanook (the long dock in the middle of the photo) from the top of the crick looking toward Linekin Bay

SHOULDER SEASONS  (two weeks at each end of summer, June 20 – July 3, 2020,  &  August 29 – September 11, 2020) –  Weekly rentals only.  Maximum 6 private. Children count as “people” for both rates and occupancy. $3100/week.

SUMMER SEASON  (July 4 – August 28, 2020) – Weekly rentals only.  Maximum 6 private. Children count as “people” for both rates and occupancy.  $3400/week.
FALL & SPRING (May 23 – June 19, 2020 & September 7 – October 25, 2019)   Two-night minimum.  (If you elect to stay just one night, there will be and extra $50 cleaning fee.)  Maximum 6 private. Children count as “people” for both rates and occupancy.  $1500/week or $215/night 1-2 people, + $35 night per additional person. 
Also MONTHLY rates for April at $1500/mo.  and May (actually April 25 – May 22, 2020) at $1800/mo. + utilities; and June (actually May 26 – June 22, 2018) at $4300/mo. including utilities,  and September, and October at $5000/mo + utilities.

WINTER SEASON (October 26, 2019 – May 22, 2020, October 30 – May 21, 2021) – Two-night Minimum  (If you elect to stay just one night, there will be an extra $50 cleaning fee.)  Winter at Seanook is the best time for relaxing.  Sit by the fire and watch the weather waft across the waves, ice floats, and the antics of the various species of ducks as they dive underwater and get chased by lurking seagulls when they emerge with food.  Our world-renowned Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens now celebrates the winter season with spectacular “Gardens Aglow” from the end of November through the end of December (reservations online), and the town of Boothbay Harbor is beautifully illuminated as well.

Current Winter Specials:

Two people can rent two nights for $450 and get a third night FREE! or rent a week ($1250) and stay two extra nights at no additional charge.

Ice in front of Seanook on February 11, 2014; this is becoming more rare

Two people can enjoy three nights of pristine relaxation at Seanook for $450; 4 people $550; 6 people $650; or rent a week for $1250 (2 people) and get 2 free nights!  Rent two consecutive weeks and enjoy a 10% discount.  Please inquire about the rates for additional guests which will be $35/night per person excluding the free nights if all guests are there the entire time.   Maximum 6 people. 


Winter rates for cash or check payments:

$190/night for 1-2 people. Two night minimum.  (If you elect to stay just one night, there will be an additional $50 cleaning fee.)                                                          
$1250/week for 1-2 people  
+ $35/night for each additional person. Children count as people!
10% discount if you rent for 2 consecutive weeks.

Also MONTHLY in Winter: If you would like to experience the relaxing delight of a Maine winter ON THE WATER for a longer period, we offer at Seanook a special monthly rental rate for November through March of $1500/month PLUS UTILITIES and a monthly rental rate for  April (March 28 – April 24 of $1600, and May (April 25 – May 22, 2020)  of $1800/month

The front or second bedroom at Seanook taken from the door to the upper deck

including utilities. (Winter utilities at Seanook can run anywhere between $350 and $1100 per month depending on how you manage them. Firewood is the least expensive heat and we will source that.  We have some couples who have spent $0 for utilities in May!) The REFUNDABLE deposit to secure against your utilities for these longer-term rentals varies according to the length and season of your stay.  We will coordinate with you before you leave to be sure all accounts are settled.  This is based on two to four person occupancy with occasional guests possible up to six people total. Children count as people! No pets for monthly rentals.

Snug and toasty by the fire and surrounded by water on three sides, you can watch storms sweep across the bay, varying ice formations float back and forth, sea-smoke if the temperatures are just right, many varieties of ducks flying, floating, and diving, seagulls riding the updrafts, and an occasional eagle. We also have deer, foxes, and turkeys.  In Boothbay Harbor, just three miles away, one of the best restaurants is open every day and there is plenty of parking; the pace is a little slower and the attention a little warmer.

Fall view from the second bedroom at Seanook looking down Linekin Bay

Possible Fees

Linen service:  Many people bring their own linens, or you may use our linen service for $50 per stay ($25 for just two people).  This includes sheets, towels and kitchen linens for the whole house and all your guests for your entire time.  You are welcome to use as many of our pillows and blankets, provided in the many chests and drawers around, to make the beds to suit your own desires, whether or not you bring your own linens. You will find bed sizes under the room descriptions in the “Amenities” section on the drop-down menu at the top of each page.


Pet Fee:  A per visit charge of $150 for the first pet, plus $100 for each additional pet.  $50 toward each pet is partially or wholly refundable depending on possible damage and how much time we must spend cleaning specifically after the animal(s) on your departure.  

Winter fireplace in the living room at Seanook, looking out the sunroom windows

State tax:  We are required to collect 9% lodging tax for the state, starting January 1, 2016. We will figure the correct amount and itemize it on your contract.
Cleaning fee for One night stay.  If you want to deviate from our two night minimum and stay just one night, there will be an extra $50 cleaning fee. 

Credit Cards:  All rates shown are our discounted prices for payment only by cash, or check.  To pay by any other method, please inquire for our regular season rates and let us know what method you prefer to use.  We try to keep our rates reasonable.  That is why we list only on sites which allow us to have direct contact with our guests and no longer list on HomeAway or Trip Advisor, as their guest fees are so exorbitant.  If you find us on Booking.com or other spurious sites, those are pirated listings.

Reservation or Booking Fee:  One-half the total rent or $1000 whichever is less is payable in advance as a deposit to hold your time; the remainder is due on arrival.  
Our Cancellation Policy is as follows: if you are unable to keep your reservation, you must notify us at least 30 days in advance of your arrival date and we must succeed in re-renting your entire stay; then you may reschedule for another available time, or we will refund your deposit less a $100 per reserved week re-booking fee.  Should we be unable to find someone else to take your reserved time, or if the cancellation is within 30 days of your arrival, you will forfeit your deposit.
Contact Us to get your questions answered or to request our two brief contracts.  You can email us directly at paradisestudio@roadrunner.com, call us at 207-633-6093, or use the form under ‘Contact Us’ at the top right of each page. (If you don’t get a response from the latter, please try a different method in case it is not working.)  

Seanook’s sunroom looking across Linekin Bay in winter with a hint of fog on Murray Hill

We do all our own booking because we are fed-up with sites that charge you and us exorbitant fees and do not allow us to communicate with you!  So please contact us. We would love to chat and personally answer all your questions.