Early morning at the end of May, Paradise Cottage upper garden

Early morning at the end of May, Paradise Cottage upper garden

Policies and Procedures at Paradise Cottage

At Paradise Cottage most seasons we rent by the month, week, or day  — your choice — with a two-night minimum.  However, in the summer we rent by the week, Saturday to Saturday only.  We calculate rates according to the number of guests.  Children count as people for both rates and occupancy. 

Many people bring their own linens, or you may use our sheets, towels, and kitchen linens for $50 per stay ($25 for just two people).

Linens include sheets, towels and kitchen linens for the whole house for your entire stay. Whether or not you bring your own linens, you are welcome to use as many of our pillows and blankets provided, to make the beds to suit your own desires. You will find bed sizes under the room descriptions in the “Amenities” section on the drop-down menu at the top of each page.

View to the back from the middle bedroom Paradise Cottage

View to the back from the middle bedroom Paradise Cottage

Our reservation procedure is as follows. When you contact us, we will email you our two brief contracts. These will be our Contract/Rate Sheet with dates and price totals for your length of stay and number of guests; and our Indemnity Release.  When you are ready to put the envelope with the signed contracts and deposit check (which will be for one-half or one-quarter the total rent) in the mail, PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US so that we can reserve the time for you temporarily for about a week in advance of its arrival. When it gets here, we will email you a receipt and “Directions to Paradise Cottage.”
For reservations made a year or more in advance, one-half the normal deposit (or one-quarter of the rent) is all that is required until January 1 of the year you are coming, and it will be wholly and completely refundable until then.  The remainder of the deposit, which is the second-quarter of the rent, will be due January first with the balance (remaining half of the rent) to be paid on your arrival.
Lobster boats at the head of the bay in fog

Lobster boats at the head of the bay in fog

Deposit: A deposit of ½ the total rent (or 1/4, see the paragraph immediately above) is required in advance to hold your reservation. We will figure this and itemize it on the Contract/Rate Sheet.  The remaining rent is due on your arrival along with state tax, and linen and pet deposit if you want those services.

Payment forms:  All rates shown are our discounted prices for payment only by cash, or paper check;  to pay by any other method, please inquire for our regular season rates and let us know what method you prefer to use.  

Payment in Full:  Normally payment in full is not required until the time of your arrival.  However, we reserve the right to require total payment including rent and all added costs by the time of 31 days prior to your check-in date.

Cancellations: If notifying us more than 30 days prior to arrival and we can re-rent the cottage for your stay, you may choose to reschedule for another available time, or we will refund your deposit less a $100 per week re-booking fee.  If we are unable to re-rent your scheduled time or if it is within 30 days prior to your arrival you will forfeit your deposit.

Damage or Security Deposit: When you get here we will require you to fill out a “Security Deposit Release” 

Flowers on the deck of Paradise Cottae

Flowers on the deck of Paradise Cottage


form authorizing us to charge your credit card should there be damage, replacement, or excessive cleaning necessary after your stay. We do not automatically charge your card and will destroy this form if everything in and about the house is as you found it after you leave. We do not retain credit card numbers. Alternatively, we would accept an additional $600 in cash or check at the time of check-in.  We would deposit this in our escrow account and issue you a check within a week after you leave if everything at the house on your departure is as you found it on your arrival. If there are charges, we will provide you with an itemized statement.

Pet Policy: We like pets and most pet owners are wonderful; it’s just that, unfortunately, some people spoil it for everyone. So our pet policy has to go to the lowest common denominator. Here are our thoughts and requirements.
We would encourage you to enjoy your vacation rental without the added hassle of looking after your pet; when they stop to think about it, this has proved beneficial for some folks. If you must have him with you in this strange environment, we ask that you bring a kennel for him to stay in if you are going to leave him alone in the house. 
In the interest of doing our part to preserve the peaceful character of Linekin Bay, and because sound travels unimpeded across the expanse of water, (you will be mindful of this when you are here and hear a dog barking from across the bay), if your faithful friend barks or cries while left alone in the house, we will ask you to remedy the situation by closing the doors and windows or taking him with you; we reserve the right to require you to board him for the remainder of your stay should there be an extended problem . 
In addition your cooperation in cleaning up the grounds is required.  If we have to do that you will not get any of your deposit back!
As to the $150 pet fee on our contract covering the first week for those who still wish to bring their pet on vacation, $50 of this is partially or wholly refundable depending on how much time we have to spend cleaning specifically after the pet on your departure. This is for one pet. More are $100 each with half of that being possibly refundable. For rentals longer than one week, the rate is $50 per additional week per pet, with a third of the total being possibly refundable. We require pets to be kept off our furniture, pillows, and all bedding.  If you bring one or more kennels, as requested above, we will be delighted to be more lenient with the pet fees.  
Contact Us to get your questions answered or to request our two brief contracts.  You can email us directly at paradisestudio@roadrunner.com, call us at 207-633-6093, or use the form under ‘Contact Us’ at the top right of each page.  If doing the latter, and you do not hear back from us, please try another method of contact, just in case it did not work.
We hope you will enjoy the peace and seclusion of our spot!
Paradise Cottage in the fall garden 10-20

Paradise Cottage in the fall garden October 2000