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Mary Ellen & Ron boating

Mary Ellen & Ron boating



Ron grew up in New Jersey; Mary Ellen in Massachusetts. Ron spent time in the Marines in Japan and Korea and then worked in advertising in New York City

building display models for big advertisers. Mary Ellen lived in Upper Heyford, England for four years where she took oil painting lessons from Mr. E. J. Willey.  Mary Ellen’s parents moved to Greeley, Colorado and she followed and raised her family there.  Ron observed people older than himself who had been in advertising most of their lives and decided that was not where he wanted to be at their age; he brought his family camping to Maine, and never left.  Mary Ellen bought her siblings shares of the East Boothbay property after her father died in 1997 and commenced renovations to winterize the two

Mary Ellen & Ron on the front lawn of Seanook with LInekin Bay beyond

cottages.  In March of 1999 Mary Ellen arrived for good to find Ron working for her contractor on Seanook.   Since then they have  done all the renovations themselves.

Ron had grown up in a family of constant do-it-yourself construction projects.  Every time they went to visit someone, there would be a house to build or a stone wall to complete.  Also as an advertising model-maker, he worked in multiple mediums. Mary Ellen’s family was quite thrifty, but she was always allowed to spend on supplies for a creative project.  By the time she was 10 she was making her own clothes.  In Colorado she had her own sewing business so as to be at home with her children.  She handled all kinds of alterations, but also custom designed many wedding dresses, etc.

Mary Ellen moved her sewing business to Boothbay initially, and Ron continued to do outside carpentry for several years.   By the summer of 2000 they 

were creating a scale model of their future shop/studio building on the dining room table at Paradise Cottage.  Now they are happy doing most of the work around the property themselves out of their shop.  A neighbor says of the two of them, “To you the whole world is just malleable!”  since between them they can usually figure out how to accomplish about anything creative.

Ron repairs and refinishes furniture in his spare time and his latest passion is creating outdoor

Ron and Mary Ellen on the lower deck at Seanook

Mary Ellen in the Studio Garden

wooden benches for our garden and yours.  Mary Ellen spends many hours tending the gardens and balances that in winter with oil painting landscapes and seascapes right here, as there is plenty of inspiration close at hand.  To view her paintings please visit her other website,