Current Rental Specials


Seanook’s sunroom looking across Linekin Bay in early spring with a hint of fog on Murray Hill

Seanook has some time open between October 11 through November 6.  Please check our Availability Calendar for specific dates.  Call us directly if you need a respite.  Your own cabin get-away might be just what you need!  Seanook is the perfect Boothbay vantage point to watch the changing of colors around the bay and migrating wildlife.  Fall rates at Seanook are $245/night or $1700/week.

If you would like a long stay in winter, we have February 7 through March 31 available at Seanook for $1500/mo plus utilities.

Present State guidelines for people from out-of-state are as follows.  Residents of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, or people who have already been here for 14 days, do not have to quarantine, but will still have to practice social distancing, mask-wearing, etc.  For people from other states there is a new alternative: adults may bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test done 72 hours prior to entering Maine. Each group of guests will be required to complete a Compliance Form at check-in.  Below are the quarantine requirements should you choose to NOT be tested.

“Beginning in Stage 3 (July), out-of-state visitors are allowed to stay in commercial lodging establishments and quarantine there for 14 days. During the 14-day quarantine, visitors cannot go to places with other people like restaurants, stores, and grocery stores, or even pick up take-out. A lodging establishment may arrange for take-out, delivery, or grocery services for the visitors.

Visitors can leave their hotel room or campsite during these 14 days but only for limited outdoor activities such as hiking as long as they are not around other people.  

Visitors can stay in Maine for fewer than 14 days as long as they remain in quarantine the entire stay.”

For Summer and Fall 2020, at this time Paradise Cottage is full with long-term renters. 


Seanook, vacation rental, perched on the wooded shore of Linekin Bay, Mid-coast Maine

Consult the Availability Calendar for either cottage by hovering over its name on the white menu bar at the top of each page to show its drop-down menu.  Then CONTACT us directly.  WE DO OUR OWN BOOKING.  We will be practicing contact-less check-in during this period.

QUEBEC: Our winter timeshare week in Quebec is available starting January 3, 2021, at the rate of $550 for the week.  It is a two-bedroom, two-bath condo on the ground level.  The location is close to Mt. St. Anne for downhill skiing and also a world-class cross country ski area, and 20 miles northeast of the old city.  The latter is fairy-tale picturesque, aglow with

Dessert at Auberge Baker’s restaurant

Christmas decorations, and like a trip to Europe without the flight.  Besides, the restaurant offerings are unbelievable; that and the culture are what we go for!  Also, visit Val Cartier and the ice hotel.  The exchange rate is extremely favorable right now.  Please let us know if you are interested.  Here are some photos to inform you of what you would find there: