Current Rental Specials


Geraniums love the Seanook sunroom all winter-long. Looking over the bay in a snowstorm.

SPECIALS for February, March, and April at Seanook are: rent two nights and get a third night FREE, or rent a week and get two free nights for a total of nine nights.  Due to cancellation, the entire month of March is now available!

Seanook, vacation rental, perched on the wooded shore of Linekin Bay, Mid-coast Maine

For Summer 2020, Seanook still has five weeks open: one at the end of  June, two consecutive weeks in mid-July, and two consecutive weeks at the end of August.

Summer at Paradise Cottage has 4 weeks to offer: the last two weeks of June, the last week of July, and Labor Day weekend week.

Please consult the Availability Calendar for either cottage on the above drop down menu by hovering over the cottage name.  Then CONTACT us directly.  WE DO ALL OUR OWN BOOKING.

CANCELLATION: Winter at Paradise Cottage is now available for your vacation pleasure beginning, Wednesday, April 1 – 12. If you would like to take advantage of our Winter Special for a week at $990/week plus two free nights for a total of nine nights, we would welcome that, or come for our most popular Winter Special: Rent Two Nights and Get a Third Night FREE for $410 for two people and $490 for four.  This is the most laid-back time of the year for rest, relaxation, and contemplation!

QUEBEC: Our winter timeshare week in Quebec is available starting January 3, 2021, at the rate of $550 for the week.  It is a two bedroom, two bath condo on the ground level.  The location is close to Mt. St. Anne for downhill skiing and also a world class cross country ski area, and 20 miles northeast of the old city.  It is fairy tale picturesque, aglow with

Dessert at Auberge Baker’s restaurant

Christmas decorations, and like a trip to Europe without the flight.  Besides, the restaurant offerings are unbelievable; that and the culture are what we go for!  Also visit Val Cartier, and the ice hotel.  The exchange rate is extremely favorable right now.  Please let us know if you are interested.  Here are some photos to inform you of what you would find there: